Shaping the Future of Hemostasis

Advanced Hemostatic Gauze

USFDA Cleared, 510(k) K222909

The Axiostat Gauze is a single-use, non-absorbable non-woven hemostatic gauze intended for use as a temporary external dressing to control moderate to severe bleeding and manage external abrasions, lacerations


Quick Hemostasis

Provide mechanical barrier against bleeding site.


Can be stuffed into deep wounds

High blood uptake

5x extra absorbent than standard gauze

How to use

  1. Open the pack and remove Axiostat® Gauze
  2. Place Axiostat® Gauze on the bleeding site and apply pressure until bleeding is controlled. For deeper wounds, pack and press Axiostat® Gauze completely to the bottom of the wound to ensure hemostasis.
  3. Wrap and secure Axiostat® Gauze on wound to maintain pressure, if needed.
  4. Remove  Axiostat® Gauze by irrigating with saline or water.

Interested to Know More About


Remove within 24 hours. It is a non-absorbable hemostatic gauze. Not intended for internal bleeding control application. Do not implant. Do not use if patient is allergic to shellfish. Do not use if package is damaged or contents are wet For single use only. Do not re-use or re-sterilize. After bleeding is controlled, do not remove Axiostat® Gauze immediately. Keep in position for at least 10 minutes.


Store at ambient temperature. Avoid direct sunlight, heat and moisture.

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